Benefits Led Business Intelligence

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 20th October 2019   |  Tags:

What is benefits led business intelligence? Now what is that I hear you think. This article explores this area in more detail and looks into why business intelligence benefits can help power up your sales teams.

Benefits Led Business Intelligence

What is benefits led Business Intelligence

This is market research into business’ and also there forward planning. Having forward knowledge of what your ideal clients are doing is critical. Understanding factors about their business will mean you will have more compelling intelligence. This will enable your organisation to approach these companies at the ideal time. Empowering your Marketing and Sales teams with lots of benefits in terms of how to pitch your services.


What factors to consider?

Are you looking for specific intelligence or an overview of the whole company. Financial intelligence is fairly easy to uncover as most organisations file annual accounts. These have thorough insights into a business’ overall performance. This a part of uncovering benefits led business intelligence. Other intelligence could be in the form of future plans such as mergers and acquisitions that can keep you ahead in terms of planning. Knowing what goals your prospects are aiming for will enable you to position your service in the best way. More of how we can help in this area is here –


Why is it important?

Being one step ahead of your competition is vital. With so much information now available at the touch of a button. Having this intelligence available to your Marketing and Sales teams will put you in a strong position. You can approach these companies with the appropriate messaging based on the intelligence you already know. Knowing a companies movements and also history will make it easier for you to engage at a senior level.


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