Creating Links with Telemarketing lead generation

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 12th August 2017   |  Tags:

The world has changed very fast over the last few years and so has telemarketing lead generation. Now it is very much a multi faceted approach to sales with the requirement to KYC (know your customer) paramount if your business is to remain competitive. So how do businesses track what clients and prospects are doing and understanding their behaviour?

Benefits Led Business Intelligence

Steps To Take when Creating Links

The first task is to clearly define who your target audience is. Track relevant business intelligence to understand what is going on within each business.

Once this area is known a tailored approach to each prospect can be undertaken. This can be in the form of sending emails, telephone calls and social media updates. However, the most important area is to remember knowledge is power in sales. Being able to track all of these areas and clearly see where clients are in the sales funnel is fundamental.


Creating Links – Who to work with?

You will want to be working with a company that has the credibility to deliver results for your business. Checking that they have relevant experience in your sector. Do they have testimonials that highlight experience of dealing with complex services. All of these are crucial considerations when thinking of who to use. Speaking directly to a few companies will give you a feel of who you wish to represent your business.


Nurturing Leads

You could engage companies who might not be quite ready to buy your services at the initial touch point. Working out a way of keeping them engaged so you are in front of mind is important. Sending relevant touch points in this process builds confidence in trust with the prospect.


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