How to choose a technology lead generation company

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If you’re going to invest in a technology lead generation company to help you uncover and develop new business opportunities, then you need to do your homework first; you need to know how to choose a technology lead generation company. That’s because not all lead generation companies are the same. In fact, the level of service and quality of results you receive can vary dramatically between providers. Here, we outline our top five considerations to help you pick the right lead generation firm in order to ensure a decent return on your investment.

How to choose a technology lead generation company

#1 Testimonials

Always check to see if a technology lead generation company has published testimonials from satisfied tech-sector clients. These can be revealing because they not only flag up positive aspects but can reveal shortcomings through their omissions. Remember, credibility is everything, so check to see how their customers rate them in terms of results. Check out our testimonials.

#2 Knowledge of buyer personas

Arrange a few meetings with prospective lead generation providers and assess their approach. If they’re not heavily-focussed on modelling buyer personas, you’ll know straight away they’re unlikely to give you the return on investment you want. Indeed, profiling types of buyer is fundamental to where one should search and how one might make an approach. They should be both intuitive about your ideal client and also receptive to your guidance.

#3 Reporting of outcomes

You should always check a technology lead generation company’s approach to reporting before you commission them. Ideally, you want reporting to be contemporaneous (usually daily) and to feature both qualitative and qualitative feedback. Any reporting that is late, incomplete or vague should be regarded as poor.

#4 Brand synergy

Always ask yourself whether a prospective technology lead generation company has what it takes to act as a seamless extension of your brand. Ideally you want the prospect to assume the enquiry is coming from within your business. Any obvious disconnect can make the caller seem somewhat mercenary, turning the listener off.

#5 Working relationship with your technology lead generation company

Ultimately you should trust your instincts when it comes to assessing whether you will be able to forge a close and constructive working relationship with a technology lead generation company. This is a critical element that determines success across the full length and breadth of the endeavour. If you aren’t convinced, then set up a meeting with another two or three providers to compare them. When you finally meet the provider that best suits your business, you’ll just know it deep down.

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