How to use LinkedIn Sponsored InMail as part of your wider lead generation strategy

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 20th September 2019   |  Tags: , , ,

We’ve all heard of LinkedIn. But have you heard of LinkedIn Sponsored InMail? Well, if not, you could be missing a trick. With Sponsored InMail you can target prospective customers more effectively than you can using conventional email. You DO have to be a LinkedIn Premium member to send Sponsored InMail, but you don’t have to be one to receive it. Here we look at the main features and benefits of using Sponsored InMail.

Why is Sponsored InMail better than standard email?

With conventional email, unless you’re already a friend, acquaintance or associate of the recipient, your message is likely to be missed. It could get buried by a mountain of other emails and be overlooked, or it could be blocked altogether by a spam filter. With Sponsored InMail you can place your message right in a target professional’s LinkedIn message box, which means they WILL see it. And, importantly, you can add your corporate image for added brand awareness, plus a link for completing your desired action. A great reason to make LinkedIn Sponsored InMail a part of your wider lead generation strategy.

Profiling your target audience

As the world’s leading networking platform for professionals, LinkedIn gives you handy tools to help you profile potential Sponsored InMail recipients. You can search according to important criteria such as industry, location, job title and seniority, among other things like similar interests and skill sets. Once you have your target list, there is no barrier to contacting those individuals using Sponsored InMail because you don’t need to be connected to them.

What do you say in your Sponsored InMail?

This is where some people get it wrong. You don’t want to use Sponsored InMail as a tool to send out a hard sell message. That’s because this is likely to be a big turn-off for the recipient. Instead, you should respectfully introduce yourself, highlight similarities between you in terms of job role and industry, and finally hint at the benefits and features of your product or service. Rest assured, your message will be personalised to your recipients, while all the marketing heavy lifting is performed by your logo and link.

You’re in control

With Sponsored InMail YOU make all the important calls. Once you’ve selected your audience demographic, you set your budget and daily maildrop quantity. You can then follow your campaign’s progress using real-time analytics, which you can interpret to adapt your campaign with the aim of achieving more success going forward.

What the expert said:

James Gibbons from Link Creator said: “We use and recommend using LinkedIn Sponsored InMail because in our experience it’s proven to make a greater impact with readers than regular email.

“When composing a Sponsored InMail message we adopt a conversational, non-sales-orientated style that sounds human but also compelling. The idea is to place yourself on your recipient’s radar, build a rapport, attempt to establish a connection, and then integrate all of that into your wider, more holistic lead generation approach. If you receive a warm response, you might want to pick up the phone or try to schedule a meeting to establish a stronger relationship.”

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