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Just like anyone working at the leading-edge of their commercial sector, we like to report and provide our commentary on what’s happening in our industry. Sometimes we examine work-related dynamics in detail, while other times we look at what’s making the news in science and technology. We also encourage you to interact with our blog-posts on social media and start a dialogue through which we can both learn about key industry developments and emerging dynamics.

Why is Marketing Automation important?

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 25th September 2017
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Buyers are now much further through their buying process before they approach a vendor. As marketers it is crucial we find effective techniques to help buyers through their research so that our company is front of mind when they are ready to engage directly.

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How to get everyone on-board for a Marketing Automation initiative

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 21st September 2017
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You might think that installing a Marketing Automation tool is intended to make things more effective for your B2B prospects and more efficient for marketing staff but it’s easy to overlook how much Sales will benefit and in some companies Customer Service.

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Why Marketing Automation?

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 18th September 2017
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For any business aligning staff, processes and technology is a real challenge – but crucial for generating more revenue and achieving faster growth. Marketing automation is a technology solution which allows companies to track prospects and customers with precision, learn from their online behaviour, and nurture them with personalised, useful content. This helps in converting prospects to customers and grow existing accounts.

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Creating Links with Telemarketing lead generation

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 12th August 2017

The world has changed very fast over the last few years and so has telemarketing lead generation. Now it is very much a multi faceted approach to sales with the requirement to KYC (know your customer) paramount if your business is to remain competitive. So how do businesses track what clients and prospects are doing and understanding their behaviour?

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