Data-led Business Intelligence

Data-led business intelligence is the primary resource which, when handled correctly, yields meetings, confidence and contracts. That’s why we work forensically to build an accurate matrix of high-quality business intelligence, creating a key organisational asset that pays dividends. Our methods are thorough and holistic, giving you a joined-up understanding of the bigger picture. Enabling you to prioritise your goal for maximum return.

Data-led Business Intelligence (Hampshire)

Our business intelligence gathering service is designed enable you to bring the personnel landscape in your technology sector into much sharper focus.

Here’s an explanation of what we can do and the main benefits for you:

Build a contact database

We create accurate and verified contact databases by hand, giving you a powerful resource that is reliable. Our databases identify key personnel, reveal company structures and pin-point decision-makers. We canvass traditional contact details, as well as details of individuals’ business-related social media footprint. As a result, you’ll find out exactly who you want to meet and how to engage them. This long-term sales asset makes it easier to identify new objectives and strategies for success.

Gather strategic intelligence

Our business intelligence gatherers investigate prospective clients’ operational characteristics and key decision-making processes. This gives you added insights into their procedures and timings. Importantly, our people possess the skills to yield this intelligence unobtrusively, using our investigative approach. They can also search for intelligence on a target company’s forward-planning. For example, news of acquisitions and mergers are among the important details you don’t want to miss.

Investigate specifics

Sometimes you want specific intelligence on trends in your commercial sector. Our investigators’ industry knowledge and experience mean they know exactly how to obtain the intelligence you require. This means you can get the details you need without diverting valuable human resources launching time-consuming investigations in-house.

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