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  • James Gibbons

2020 Business Goals

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

2020 business goals - This article looks at some of the things to consider in terms of planning ahead for the start of 2020.

Planning ahead – 2020 business goals As we head towards the end of the year many businesses are looking ahead for 2020 including ours. With the political landscape still uncertain it can be a challenge. At Link Creator, we are planning ahead using a SMART methodology with our business planning. So what is this and how does it work? SMART – S The first point is to look into the specifics of what the overall plan actually is. What is the end goal you are looking to achieve. Once you know what this is you can look to plan ahead for the year. Measurable – M How are you going to measure that you are working towards your goal throughout the year. It could be a Marketing campaign where you are looking to win more clients. Or it could be that you want to increase your overall turnover or profit. Adjustable – A Being able to change your tactics throughout is key to hitting your goals. If whilst measuring the success you are ahead or behind your goal you should be able to change your costs. You may want to work with a company that can help you with this. At Link Creator, we firmly believe in this as it promotes a positive relationship with our clients. Realistic – R Is this overall goal realistic for you to achieve your aims. Being realistic with this is key to ensure that you can positively hit your goal. Prior research into your goal obviously helps with this area. Understanding if you are being realistic will also help with your mindset to hitting your goals. Time Based – T Over what period are you looking at your goal. Is it for the whole 12 months or are you looking at it over a quarterly or monthly basis? At Link Creator, we help our clients with nurturing opportunities until the time is right to meet. We put our clients in the room at the most appropriate time. Using the SMART methodology for your business planning can help you map out the year ahead. If you would like assistance in this area please feel free to contact us to find out more information. Please see more about us here –

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