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  • James Gibbons

Is Telephone Marketing dead?

Is Telephone Marketing still relevant today with everything going digital? This article looks at evidence that it is still very effective if used properly.

Service Based Business

If you are selling a Tech service to clients, customers may need more touch points to understand how your service can help. They may have an issue they have no idea your service can solve.


Account Based Marketing is highly relevant today as business look at targeting a set number of prospects and approach these in a highly evolved manner. From looking at the individuals and intelligence into these firms is critical in getting a competitive advantage. This article by Marketo highlights more details about ABM –

The Skills Gap

It feels that everyone feels that Digital first is the best strategy. What we find is that businesses are putting out good content that is useful but are struggling to engage. What do we mean by that? We are finding that content can be great but without explaining how it can help overcome a challenge an opportunity can be lost. Only by directly engaging with prospects alongside great content works well in a highly targeted manner.

The Influencer

By engaging on telephone, we find Influencers can be very important in the sales process. Although they may not have final sign off, they can engage and can be speak directly about the challenges they may be facing. We also find that whilst engaging they can also pass us up to overall decision maker.

The Decision Maker

Once engaged, built rapport and trusted. The decision maker will talk freely over the telephone and we can get the conversation to the point they are ready to buy. At this stage we book a qualified meeting. Where the client will walk into the room knowing the challenges to be overcome.


We find that the telephone is certainly not dead. The process evolved and everything needs to be joined up. The website, content, messaging all need to align. Engaging on the telephone is a unique skill set but when used properly still produces results.

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