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Researching your ideal clients?

Things to consider when researching your ideal clients - We get asked what are the key things to capture when investigating which prospects to approach. This article looks into the key resources we look to use when doing our research.

Where to start?

Understanding our clients core proposition is key to understanding who the best target accounts will be. Part of the process is doing a thorough search of current testimonials and looking into what Marketing material our clients have in place and if we feel that is up to scratch. We assist in ensuring this is in place prior to starting any campaign with our clients.

Scoping out the correct prospects

Once, the previous step has been completed we do desk based research and identify the correct organisations and crucially the best contacts per company for us to engage with. This is a thorough process and we look at various different sources to identify these targets.

Which sources are best to use

We use for identifying the appropriate target accounts. This resource gives the last 5 years financials and crucially lists all of the current Directors within these organisations. It may be the case that our clients wish to engage with 3 or 4 different job roles in an organisation. However, understanding the signatories is crucial in building a solid picture. Ultimately, these contacts have the ability to sign off deals. is a great resource for researching other contacts who are not current Director's. We can look for specific areas of their job roles to identify they are the correct people to engage with. Not, solely based on a job title which can sometimes be misleading. is another great resource which details lots of intelligence into organisations. This platform also enables us to lookup valid email addresses. However, we do not email any prospect until we have engaged and have a valid Opt in to approach them. is a technology look up platform. For lots of our Technology based clients this intelligence is crucial to know before approaching them. This resource enables us to identify current CMS the website is built on. Crucial to know if a client only wants to be speaking to current users of a particular platform. We can uncover this and know exactly what they have in place. Plus, identify integrations to other applications. This can be a complete game changer when approaching a new prospect as knowing what is in place will mean we have an idea of some of the challenges they are having or recently overcome.

Who owns this client data

For all of our clients we either work directly in their own CRM or can send this to them securely at any point during the campaign. Clients have full visibility of their data. This is important when considering marketing campaigns that they may be running internally. As the Opt in prospects can be engaged by multiple touchpoints during the process.

Want to know more?

Keen to understand how you can identify your target accounts and approach them directly? Contact us - We would love to speak to you about how we can help you.

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