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Tech Lead Generation – Why is it different?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Tech Lead Generation can be complex and timing is crucial to be successful. This article looks at some of the major factors in being able to win more deals.

Tech Lead Generation – What is it? Generating sales leads for Tech businesses is crucial to stay ahead of your competitors. With the fast pace of technology it is even more important to be engaged with your prospects earlier in the sales process. Companies can now make rapid decisions especially when looking at SaaS based solutions. Lead Generation is the process of developing and nurturing your ideal prospects into customers. Touch Points Working out the best touch-points for your ideal clients is crucial. Are you going to look at hosting an exciting engaging event or are you going to deliver the best message in the industry. Working these out and planning ahead yield more conversations. Approach Working out how to approach your ideal customer is vital to win more deals. Gone are the days of calling through a list of purchased organisations. Crafting your ideal client and understanding Personas will help focus in this area. Plus a multifaceted approach such as Personal letters, Telephone Calls and possibly Social Media or Email Marketing are good ways of structuring this process. Timing Very difficult to get right. However, being engaged early in the process is ideal as you get the chance to move the prospect through the pipeline. With our clients that are working in Technology space lead times can be up to 6 months from when they have first met to getting a deal. Therefore, it is crucial to have a number of opportunities ongoing so that client wins are spread over the year. The Relationship One part which is difficult to master is the relationship. Being front of mind for when the timing is right will yield more sales. Nurturing the prospect through the process at the appropriate time whilst also being seen as the trusted partner is key. Our clients who focus on this throughout their sales and marketing process win deals! Please see more about why you should work with us here :- Please see more about us on our YouTube channel here:-

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