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Why outsource your business development activities to a partner?

Why Outsource?

A lot of our clients we currently work with face the challenge of being very focussed on the current work that they are delivering. The skill set within these businesses tends to be on operations and delivering the work that generates them money. They do not have the skills to open new doors directly outside of their personal networks and do not have the time for business development as an activity on a weekly basis.

The Benefits?

Having a partner who can align with your ethos and values is key to delivering on the overall business development plan. We work for some clients a couple of days a month and others a few days a week. These companies have complete control how and when the business development activities are delivered. This means they are in complete control of costs and can easily measure success via our tailored weekly updated reporting functions.

Why Link Creator?

We have several years experience across many sectors. Our staff are very experienced in business development and combined we have over 35 years experience in business development. We are upfront and honest, no hidden charges and advise our clients of the best steps to make when running a campaign. Want to know more visit

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