Sales and Marketing in 2020

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 25th October 2019   |  Tags:

As we go towards 2020 how will the relationship between Sales and Marketing develop? This article looks into our thoughts on the relationship between the two and how crucial they are to be working seamlessly.

Sales and Marketing

Will Sales and Marketing evolve in 2020?

As we head towards 2020 we wanted to look at the evolving relationship between sales and marketing. In some business’ Marketing and Sales are working in separate silos. At Link Creator we firmly believe that this should not be the case. We believe both departments needs to be working together targeting your ideal clients but at different stages of the buying cycle.

Functions of Sales and Marketing

Marketing is typically for creating interest in a companies products and services. This can be through brand awareness, PR, Email marketing, digital marketing and also industry events.

Sales focus on the one to one relationship and understand the clients challenges. They move the clients along this process and look to get them to the stage of being a paying client.

Why do both need to be more aligned than before?

With Technology, we now have more savvy buyers who are not engaging in the sales process until they are close to being ready to buy. Clients make more rapid buying decisions and can actually do a lot of thorough research themselves into various services. Therefore,you need to try and build the relationship earlier than before to engage clients and nurture these prospects through the process.

How can you engage Clients earlier in the process?

In answering the initial question we firmly believe that yes both departments will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Understanding your clients and their thought process is crucial to winning in 2020. At Link Creator we help our clients to map their ideal clients. We also find relevant insights to these businesses which is crucial when looking to engage and develop a relationship. More about the research we do for our clients is here –

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