Sales Appointment

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 6th November 2019   |  Tags:

Sales Appointment setting is the one thing that is crucial for a business to be successful. This article looks at how we add value for our clients. We deliver high quality Sales meetings that generate business for our clients.

Sales Appointment

What is a Sales Appointment?

This is a qualified meeting between your business and your ideal client. You understand the main points of your prospect and they have a desire to learn more about how you can help. Meetings mean different things to different people. At Link Creator, we focus on quality and ensure we nurture opportunities on your behalf.

Brand Awareness

Having prospects aware of you and your values is also critical. Most business’ only want to work with customers who share the sames ethos and values. Therefore, working with a company such as Link Creator can seamlessly feel like an extension of your business. At the briefing stage we get a thorough understanding of your business. We thoroughly question our clients about the overall proposition so that we are closely aligned. Once on the phone, engaging to your ideal prospect we can work in the way that suits you. We can get prospects to Opt In to your marketing efforts. This also helps build your brand and authority in your industry.

What is the best approach?

We find that our clients like prospects to be fully engaged prior to meeting. After all how do you qualify in or out a good lead? We find that by having a concise message that resonates is key. Plus, also showing the prospect how you can add value to solve an issue or challenge they are faced with. Once this has been done and rapport has been built it is time to be in the room. Depending on the service timing can also be a factor. However, if they are your ideal client and you have intelligence into the issue. Surely it is time to meet so that you can pitch to them your business and why you are the best fit for them!

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