UK Appointment Setting

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 4th November 2019   |  Tags:

UK Appointment Setting - How to get in the room with your ideal clients? This article looks at this area in more detail and focuses on the success we have had when engaging with our customers ideal clients.

UK Appointment Setting

What is UK Appointment Setting

This is the process of engaging and nurturing an opportunity with an ideal client, UK based until they are ready to buy your product or service. At the time they are ready to potentially ready to look at purchasing how do you ensure you get in the room?

Ideal Clients

The first stage is to ensure that you have targeted done correctly. Here at Link Creator we are specialists in this area and we strive to uncover vital information for our customers. We look at prospects and there forward planning to understand the market they are in. We also look at the challenges that may be prevalent within these organisations. More details about this service can be found here –

Touchpoints in UK Appointment Setting

How are you engaging with your clients? At link Creator we carefully look at this to ensure we are engaging professionally. Prospects who receive something physical through the mail are more likely to answer a call. We have found that engagement is up to 20% higher with prospects who have received mail. This is a good first touch point. This introduces your business and a snippet about the services you offer. This makes it more likely to answer your call. The key is to be creative in this area.


Having a compelling proposition is key. Getting this across quickly and succinctly is critical to build engagement. Positioning yourselves as the go to experts will result in more positive conversations. This also helps build trust and pipeline opportunities.

The Reason to meet

After following the previous points correctly ensure there is a positive reason to meet. Adding value to the prospect is key. Showing them how they can resolve a particular challenge enables you to book meetings confidently.

Please see more details of our services here with our company video –


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