Why is Marketing Automation important?

Author: James Gibbons   |   Date: 25th September 2017   |  Tags: ,

Buyers are now much further through their buying process before they approach a vendor. As marketers it is crucial we find effective techniques to help buyers through their research so that our company is front of mind when they are ready to engage directly.

The New Digital Buyer

Buyer behaviour has evolved with the introduction of the internet and social media platforms. Buyers can now access an abundance of information instantly, they can view detailed specifications, pricing and reviews about goods and services around the clock.

As a result, buyers can delay engaging with companies.

In fact, today’s buyers might be anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their journey before they approach a vendor, and in many cases, buyers postpone talking with salespeople until they are already ready to start looking at costs.

Marketing has the critical role of engaging and educating prospects using inbound marketing techniques co-ordinated by a marketing automation platform – and continues to have an important role in the final stages of a sale.

It is this longer period of buyer exploration and research that allows the savvy marketer to exert more influence over buyer’s behaviour increasing leads and conversions.

Analysing New Buyer Behaviour

As potential buyers and existing customers navigate the Internet and social media they leave traces of their behaviour (mostly from cookies).

While there is a vast amount of data to analyse from a number of different sources, a group of tools has emerged which allow this data to be collected and shared intelligently. These tools go under the collective name of marketing automation.

By analysing this information against buyer profiles a company can continuously refine their messaging, making it ever more personalised for buyers at every stage of the buying cycle. It is also possible to produce and organise Web content (e.g. the inclusion of forms and surveys) to encourage prospects to share their details and move from anonymous to known.

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