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Lockdown Marketing

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Lockdown has been an important part of controlling the ongoing Pandemic. The question many business' have been considering is how to market themselves during this time. This article looks at Lockdown Marketing strategies that can and have been used.

Lockdown Marketing Strategies – With many business’ now starting to feel the bite from the Pandemic and global slowdown some others are really performing well. See some of the main strategies we have viewed below that others have been using during lockdown. Staying Connected – One of the most important aspects of Marketing during these times is ensuring that you are connecting with your audience. This can be through many ways and we list some of these below:

  • Social Media

  • Letter

  • Telephone

  • Video Advertising

  • Podcasts

  • Blogs

Being Adaptable – Having the ability to spot a new opportunity and adapting your business quickly at scale is key. One such business we have come across is a farm. They spotted an opportunity to sell food boxes to the public online when Supermarket delivery slots were not readily available. They created a page on their website and were able to take orders and book in deliveries for food boxes quickly and at scale. In these times, is there any other services that you can offer to help people and business’ across your community? Offer to Help – One of our clients have managed to gather a raft of new sales leads simply by not trying to sell anything during the lockdown. They have marketed themselves as trying to help and have offered free support for business’ that may need support in managing their business critical IT systems. This has worked well as they have offered limited support and built rapport and trust with their potential new clients. This has put them at front of mind for any new business opportunities that come up in the coming months. You can see more of our blogs here – One of our key services videos is here –

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